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A Brief Understanding of Tartans
Originally, the Scottish Tartan was a distinction of rank or position. It was not identified by weave but by the number of colours in the weave. If only one colour was used it depicted a servant, two, a farmer rank, three, an officer rank, five, a chieftain, six for a poet, and seven for a Chief. Eventually, clans or families adopted their own tartan, using a range of animal and earth colours which were frequently secret, only known to the weavers of the islands. They included yellows, blues, whites, greens, browns, reds, black and purple. Some say that a keen eye can identify the colour with a particular island, almost like a wine taster can identify the year and the vineyard.

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Clan Map of Scotland
Find the Clans & Septs of Scotland

The Royal Stewart and Blackwatch are free tartans which many be worn by anyone

Clan Badge

The Crest of the Chief is worn by all members of the Clan and of approved Septs and followers of the Clan, within a strap and buckle surround bearing the Chief's motto. This is for personal wear only, to indicate that the wearer is a member of the Clan whose Chief's crest-badge is being worn.

Eight Different Types of Tartans Emerged:

  • Chief's Dress Sett...worn by the chief and members of his/her family.
  • The Clan Tartan...worn by members of the clan.
  • The Hunting Tartan...Fall colours worn by members of the clan
  • Mourning Setts...self explanatory.
  • District Setts...regional, worn by anyone in that region.
  • The Womens Sett...usually black and white colours.
  • The Royal Sett...The Royal Stewart, a free tartan which can be worn by anyone.
The Kilt
Today's Highland Dress is distinctive, smart, martial, formal and known world wide as Scotland's national costume. However like the Tartan itself the origins of the kilt are surrounded by a degree of controversy. 

The Highlander of old (pre-1746) would often have worn the feileadh mor, Gaelic for a large piece of woollen tartan material wrapped round the body, belted at the waist and pinned over the shoulder. It no doubt also served as a blanket while campaigning - the word 'plaid' is the Gaelic plaide meaning blanket. A sensible garment which could give warmth or be worn lose with sword arm free. Origins may lie with the ancient Roman or Celtic tunic. In fact both recent Highlanders and ancient Celts also worn tight trousers - truis. These were particularly popular on horseback! 

Exactly when the fealeadh beg (filibeg), the tailored version worn from waist to knee, came into existence is open to debate. One suggestion is that an Englishman in charge of an iron smelter at Invergarry around 1730, Thomas Rawlinson, suggested that his workforce would fare better at their work if the dispensed with the upper part of their garment and worn what we would describe as a kilt. The word 'kilt' itself, although not Gaelic, is probably older. A Scandinavian or old English root from a verb meaning 'to hitch up and fold a garment' seems most likely. 

Today's kilt can be worn, particularly by pipers, with a plaid - a long piece of tartan wrapped round the upper body which, along with the kilt, are a modern version of the full feileadh mor of past times. 

After the battle of Culloden in 1746, traditional Highland Dress was banned along with tartan from 1746-82. However Highland regiments were being formed in the Government army and most of these adopted the kilt and a tartan as part of their uniform. From this martial background comes the style of today's Highland Dress. 

When George IV visited Edinburgh in 1822, Full Highland Dress was worn by almost everybody including King George himself thanks to the efforts of Sir Walter Scott. The kilt became quite definitely the distinctive national dress of Scotland.

The Clan
Definition of the word 'Clan' The Gaelic word for children is more accurately translated as 'family' in the sense in which the word clan became accepted in the Scottish Highlands during the 13th century. A clan is a social group whose core comprises a number of families derived from, or accepted as being derived from, a common ancestor. Almost without exception, that core is accompanied by a further number of dependent and associated families who have either sought the protection of the clan at some point in history or have been tenants or vassals of its chief. That chief is owed allegiance by all members of the clan, but ancient tradition nevertheless states that 'the Clan is above the Chief'. Although Gaelic has been supplanted by English in the Lowlands of Scotland for nearly a thousand years, it is an acceptable convention to refer to the great Lowland families, like the Douglases, as clans, although the heads of certain families, such as Bruce, prefer not to use the term. Allegiance was generally given to a father's clan, but Celtic tradition includes a strong element of descent through, and loyalty to, a mother's line. In reality, the chief of a clan would 'ingather' any stranger, of whatever family, who possessed suitable skills, maintained his allegiance and, if required, adopted the clan surname.

The Sept
A Sept is a family name which can be related to a clan or larger family for various reasons: Either through marriage or by seeking protection from a larger and more powerful neighbouring clan or family. Many names which are recorded as septs have since become clans in their own right and many can be related to more than one clan.

The Clans & their Septs
Clan Buchanan
Basken, Baskin, Bede, Bonnieville, Boyne, Buck, Buckie, Bucky, Cawsell, Chapp, Chrystal, Clapperton, Coscrach, Costie, Costy, Cranach, Crannach, Crystall, Crystal, Crudon, Cruden, Cruddon, Colman, Donleavy, Donlevy, Dove, Dow, Dowe, Fasken, Faskin, Fitchie, Fitchy, Gammerie, Gammery, Gibb, Gibson, Gilbertson, Hardin, Hardman, Hardnan, Harper, Harperson, Kermack, Leisk, Lennie, Lenny, Macaldonich, Macandeoir, MacAslan, MacAuselan, MacAuslan,MacAusland, MacAuslane, MacCalman, MacCalmont, MacCalmont, MacCammond, MacChruiter, MacColman, MacCormack, MacCrystal, MacDonleavy, MacGibbon, Macgreusich, Macinally, Macindeor, Macindoe,Mackinlay, Mackinley, MacMaster, MacMaurice, MacMurchie, MacMurchy, Macnuyer, MacWattie, MacWhirter, Masterson, Meason, Merson, Mondie, Mondy, Mundie, Mundy, Murchie, Murchieson, Nible, Niblo, Ogston, Ogstone, Ogstoun, Prince, Rattliff, Ratcliff, Ratliff, Rattcliff, Risk, Runcie, Runcy, Ruskin, Shakle, Spittal, Spittel, Tarves, Tarvis, Teunion, Teunon, Tewnion,TinnonTucks, Wadsworth,Wadsworther, Watson,Watt, West, Whammond, Willgook, Whyman,Whymon, Yull, Yuille, Yule.

Clan Cameron
Chalmers, Kennedy, MacChlerich, MacChlery,MacFall, MacGillonie, Macildowie, MacKail, Maclerie, MacMartin, MacOnie, MacOurlic, MacPhail, MacSorley, MacUlric, Macvail, MacWalrick, Martin, Paul, Sorley, Taylor.

Clan Campbell
Bannatyne, Burns, Burnes, Burnett, Connochie, Denoon, Denune, Harres, Harris, Haws, Hawson, MacConnechy, MacConochie, MacGibbon, Macglasrich, MacIssac, MacIver, MacIvor, KacKellar, MacKessock, MacKissock, MacLaws, LacLehose, MacNichol, MacOran, MacOwen, MacPhedran, MacPhun, MacUre, Ure. Clan Campbell of Breadalbane: MacDiarmid, MacDermid. Clan Campbell of Cawdor: Caddell, Calder. Clan Campbell of Loudoun: Hastings, Loudoun.

Clan Colquhoun
Cowan, Cowen, Culchone, Ingram, Kilpatrick, King, Kirkpatrick, Laing, MacAchounich, MacLintock, MacMains, MacManus, MacOwan, Maccowan, MacClintock.

Clan Cumming
Buchan, Comine, Comyn, MacNiven, Niven, Russell.

Clan Davidson
Davie, Davis, Dawson, Dow, Kay, Macdade, Macdaid, MacDavid.

Clan Drummond
Grewar, Gruer, Maccrouther, Macgrewar, Macgrowther, Macgruder, Macgruther, MacRobbie.

Clan Farquharson
Barrie, Brebner, Christie, Coates, Coutts, Farquhar, Findlay, Findlayson, Finlay, Finlayson, Gracie, Greusach, Hardie, Hardy, Kellas, Lyon, MacCaig, MacCardney, Macartney, MacCuaig, MacEarachar, MacFarquhar, Machardie,Mackindlay, Mackinlay, Paterson, Reoch, Riach, Tawse.

Clan Ferguson
Fergus, Ferries, Hardie, MacAdie, MacFergus, MacKerras, MacKersey.

Clan Forbes
Bannerman, Fordyce, Michie.

Clan Forrester
Forrester, Forester, Foristar, Forrister, Forrest, Forest, Forster, Forstar, Foster, Fostar, Corstorphine, Carstarphen

Clan Fraser
Bisset, Brewster, Cowie, Frew, Frissell, Frizell, Macgruer, Macimmey, MacKim, MacKimmie, MacShimes, MacSimon, MacSymon, MacTavish, Oliver, Sim, Sime, Simon, Simpson, Sims, Simson, Syme, Symon,  Twaddle, Tweedie.

Clan Gordon
Adam, Adamson, Addie, Adie, Addison, Aiken, Aitchison, Atkin, Atkins, Atkinson, Badenoch, Barrie, Connor, Connon, Craig, Cromb, Crombie, Cullen, Culane, Darg, Darge, Dorward, Duff, Durward, Eadie, Eddie, Edie, Edison, Esslemont, Gardiner, Gardner, Garioch, Garrick, Garroick, Geddes, Gerrie, Huntley, Huntly, Jessiman, Jopp, Jupp, Laing, Lang, Laurie, Lawrie, Leng, Ling, MacAdam, Mallett, Manteach, Marr, Maver, Meldrum, Mill, Mills, Milles, Miln, Milne, Milner, More, Morrice, Muir, Mylne, Steel, Teal, Tod, Todd, Troup.

Clan Graham
Airth , Allardice, Allardyce, Bonar, Bonnar, Bontein, Bontine, Buntain, Bunten, Buntine, Bunting, Graeme, Grahame, Grahym, Grim, Grymn, Hadden, Haldane, Macgibbon, Macgilvernock, Macgrime, Maharg, Menteith, Monteith, Pitcairn, Pye, Pyott.

Clan Grant
Allan, Allen, Bisset, Bissett, Bowie, Buie, Gilroy, MacAllan, Macgilroy, MacIlroy, MacKerran, MacKiaran, MacKessock, Pratt and Suttie.

Clan Gunn
Gallie, Gaunson, Georgeson, Henderson, Jameson, Jamieson, Johnson, Kean, Keens, MacComas, MacCorkill, MacCorkle, MacIan, MacKames, MacKeamish, MacKean, MacRob, MacWilliam, Mann, Manson, Nelson, Robison, Robson, Sandison, Swanson, Williamson, Wilson.

Clan Hall
Halle, Haule, Haul, Hal, De Aula, Hale, Haw, Collingwood, Crispin, Fitz William, MacHall.

Clan Innes
Dinnes, Ennis, Innie, McRob, McTary, Marnoch, Mavor, Middleton, Mitchell, Reidfuird, Thain, Wilson.

Clan Keith
Achindachy, Astine, Aston, Austen, Austie, Austin, Cate, Dick, Dickson, Dickison, Dicson, Dixon, Dixson, Falconer, Falconor, Faulkner, Harvie, Harvey, Harvie, Hervey, Haxton, Hurrie, Hurry, Keath, Keech, Keeth, Kite, Lumgain, Lumgaine, Lumgair, MacDick, MacDicken(s), MacDickin(s), MacDickie, MacDicky, MacDickson, MacGeath, MacKeetch, MacKeeth, MacKeith, MacKeithan, MacKeth, Mackett, MacNeithan, Marshall, Urrie, Urry

Clan Kinnaird
Kinnard, Kynnard, Kennard, Kynharde, Kinzerd, Kinnart, Kynnart, Kynarde, Culbin

Clan Lamont
Black, Brown, Bourdon, Burdon, Lamb, Lambie, Lammie, Lamondson, Landers, Lemond, Limond, Limont, Lucas, Luke, Lyon, Macalduie, MacClymont, MacGilledow, MacGillegowie,Macilzegowie, Macilwhom, MacLamond, MacLucas, MacLymont, MacPatrick, MacPhorich, MacSorley, Meikleham, Patrick, Sorley, Toward, Towart, Turner, White.

Clan Leslie
Abernethy, Bartholomew, More.

Clan Lindsay
Crawford, Deuchar

Clan MacAllister

Clan MacAulay
MacPhedron, MacPheidiran

Clan MacArthur
Arthur, MacCartair, MacCarter.

Clan MacBean
Bean, MacBeath, MacBeth, Macilvain, MacVean

Clan MacDonald
Beath, Beaton, Bethune, Bowie, Colson, Connall, Connell, Darroch, Donald, Donaldson, Donillson, Donnelson, Drain, Galbraith, Gilbride, Gorrie, Gowan, Gowrie, Hawthorn, Hewison, Houstoun, Howison, Hughson, Hutcheonson, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Isles, Kellie, Kelly, Kinnell, Mac a' Challies, MacBeth, MacBeath, MacBheath, MacBride, MacCaishe, MacCall, MacCash, MacCeallaich, MacCodrum, MacColl, MacConnell, MacCook, MacCooish, MacCrain, MacCuag, MacCuish, MacCuitein, MacCutcheon, MacDaniell, Macdrain, MacEachern, MacElfrish, MacElheran, MacGorrie, MacGorry, MacGoun, MacGowan, MacGown, MacHugh, MacHutchen, MacHutcheon, MacIan, Macilreach, Macilriach, Macilleriach, Macilrevie, Macilvride, Macilwraith, MacKean, MacKellachie, MacKellaig, MacKelloch, MacKiggan, MacKinnell, MacLairish, MacLardie, MacLardy, MacLarty, MacLaverty, MacLeverty, MacMurchie, MacMurdo, MacMurdoch, MacO'Shannaig, MacQuistan, MacQuisten, MacRaith, MacRorie, MacRory, MacRuer, MacRurie, MacShannachan, MacSorley, MacSporran, MacSwan, MacWhannell, Martin, May, Murchie, Murchison, Murdoch, Murdoson, O'Drain, O'May, O'Shannachan, O'Shaig, O'Shannaig, Purcell, Revie, Reoch, Riach, Rorison, Shannon, Sorley, Sporran, Train, Whannel. Clan MacDonald of Clanranald: Allan, Allanson, Currie, MacAllan, MacBurie, MacEachin, MacGeachie, MacGeachin, MacIssac, MacKeachan,Mackechnie, MacKeochan, MacKessock, MacKichan, MacKissock, MacMurrich, MacVarish, MacVurrich, MacVurie. Clan MacDonald of Ardnamurchan: Johnson, Kean, Keene. Clan MacDonald of Glencoe: Henderson, Johnson, Kean, Keene, MacHenry, MacIan, MacKean.

Clan MacDonell
Alexander, Sanderson. Clan MacDonnell of Keppoch: MacGillivantic, MacGilp, Macglasrich, MacKillop, MacPhilip, Philipson, Ronald, Ronaldson.

Clan MacDougall
Carmichael, Conacher, Cowan, Dougall, Dowall, Livingston, Livingstone, MacConacher, MacCowan, MacCoul, MacCulloch, MacDowall, MacDowell, MacDulothe, MacEwen, MacEwan, MacEowen, MacOwen MacHowell,
MacKichan, MacLucas, MacLugash, MacLulich, MacNamell, Macoul, Macowl.

Clan MacDuff
Duff, Fife, Fyfe, Spence, Spens, Wemyss.

Clan MacFarlane
Allan, Allanson, Bartholomew, Caw, Galbraith, Griesck, Gruamach, Kinnieson, Lennox, MacAindra, MacAllan, MacCaa, MacCause, MacCaw, MacCondy, MacEoin, MacGaw, MacGeoch, Macgreusich, Macinstalker, MacIock, MacJames, Mackinlay, MacNair, MacNeur, MacNider, MacNiter, MacRob, MacRobb, MacWalter, MacWilliam, Miller, Monach, Napier, Parlane, Robb, Stalker, Thomason, Weaver, Weir.

Clan Macfie
Duffie, Duffy, MacGuffie, Machaffie

Clan MacGillivray
Gilroy, MacGillivour, MacGilroy, MacGilvra,MacGilvray, Macilroy, Macilvrae.

Clan MacGregor
Black, Caird, Comrie, Fletcher, Gregor, Gregorson, Gregory, Greig, Grewar, Grier, Grierson, Grigor, Gruer, King, Leckie, Lecky, MacAdam, Macara, Macaree, MacChoiter, Maccrouther, Macgrewar, Macgrowther, Macgruder, Macgruther, Macilduy, MacLeister, MacLiver, MacNee, MacNeish, MacNie, MacNish, MacPeter, Malloch, Neish, Nish, Peter, White, Whyte.

Clan Macinnes
Angus, MacAngus, MacCainsh, MacCansh, MacMaster.

Clan MacIntyre
Tyre, MacTear, Wright, McEntire

Clan MacKay
Bain, Bayne, MacCay, MacCrie, Macghee, Macghie, Mackee, Machie, MacPhail, Macquery, Macquoid, Macvail, Neilson, Paul, Polson, Williamson.

Clan MacKenzie
Kenneth, Kennethson, MacBeolain, MacConnach, MacIver, MacIvor, MacKerlich, MacMurchie, MacMurchy, MacVanish, MacVinish, Murchie, Murchison.

Clan MacKinnon
Love, Mackinney, Mackinning, Kackinvan, MacMorran.

Clan MacKintosh
Adamson, Ayson, Combie, Crerar, Dallas, Doles, Elder, Esson, Glen, Glennie, Hardie, Hardy, MacAndrew, MacAy, MacCardney, MacCombie, MacCombe, MacComie, M'Conchy, Macglashan, Machardie, Machardy, MacHay, Mackeggie, M'Killican, MacNiven, MacOmie, Macritchie, MacThomas, Niven, Noble, Paul, Ritchie, Seawright, Siveright, Shaw, Tarrill, Tosh, Toshach.

Clan MacLachlan
Ewan, Ewen, Ewing, Gilchrist, Lachlan, Lauchlan, MacEwan, MacEwen, MacGilchrist.

Clan MacLaren
McLaren, MacLaurin, MacLaurin, MacLauren, McLauren, McLarin, McCLarin, MacLaran, McLaran, MacLaruan, MacLeran, MacLaurie, McLaurie, Laurence, Lawrence, Law, Lawson, Low, Lowe, Lawrie, Laurie, Lowery, Lowry, Faed, Patterson, Paterson, Peterson, McPater, Patrick, MacPatrick, MacRory, McCrory, McGory, MacRuari, Wright, MacGrory, Peterkin and Borison.

 Clan MacLean
Beath, Beaton, Black, Lean, MacBeath, MacBheath, MacBeth, Macilduy, MacLergain, MacRankin, MacVeagh, MacVey, Rankin.

Clan MacLennan
Lobban, Logan

Clan MacLeod
Clan MacLeod of Harris: Beaton, Bethune, Beton, MacCaig, MacClure, MacCrimmon, MacGuiag, MacHarold, Macraild, Norman. Clan MacLeod of Lewis: Callum, Lewis, MacAskill, MacAulay, MacCallum, MacCAskill, MacCorkindale, MacCorquodale, MacLewis, MacNicol, Malcolmson, Nicholl, Nicol, Nicoll, Nicholson, Nicolson, Tolmie.

Clan MacMillan
Baxter, Bell, Blue, Brown, Millikin/Mullikin, MacBaxter, MacNamell.

Clan MacNab
Abbot, Abbotson, Dewar, Gilfillan, Macandeoir

Clan MacNaughton
Ayson, Bissett, Easson, Ferguson, Henderson, Hendrie, Hendry, Henerdie, Henerdy, Henrie, Henry, Kendrich, Kendrick, Kinrick, MacAire, MacAirey, MacAirie, MacAiry, MacAnir, MacAry, MacAys, MacBrayn, MacBrayne, MacBreen, MacBrine, MacBrinn, MacCachren, MacCarhy, MacCarie, MacCarken, MacCarrie, MacCarry, MacCary, MacCavic, MacCavick, MacCeol, MacClackuon, MacCoal, MacColl, MacCrackan, MacCrackans, MacCracken, MacCrackens, MacCrackin, MacCrackin, MacCrackins, MacCracktin, MacCracktine, MacCraken, MacCratic, MacCratick, MacCrocken, MacCrocklin, MacEal, MacEel, MacFergusse, MacGrachin, MacGrattan, MacGratten, MacGrattin, MacGreachain, MacGreachan, MacHanvichar, MacHarrie, MacHarry, MacHendrie, MacHendry, MacHenrie, MacHenry, MacImery, MacImmery, MacInerie, MacInery, MacInrye, MacIntaylor, MacInterrie, MacInterry, MacIntrye, MacKay, MacKendrich, MacKendrick, MacKendricks, MacKenerick, MacKenerie, MacKenery, MacKindrick, MacKindricks, MacKinrick, MacKnatt, MacKneight, MacKnigh, MacKnight, MacKnot, MacKracherne, MacMath, MacMitt, MacNac, MacNachdan, MacNachtan, MacNachten, MacNachton, MacNack, MacNagen, MacNaghtan, MacNaghten, MacNaghtin, MacNaight, MacNair, MacNairy, MacNamell, MacNammill, MacNarie, MacNary, MacNatt, MacNattie, MacNatton, MacNatty, MacNauchton, MacNaugh, MacNaught, MacNaughtan, MacNaughten, MacNaughton, MacNayer, MacNayre, MacNear, MacNeid, MacNeight, MacNeir, MacNerie, MacNery, MacNet, MacNete, MacNett, MacNette, MacNetten, MacNetton, MacNeur, MacNevens, MacNevin, MacNevins, MacNight, MacNitt, MacNivan, MacNivans, MacNiven, MacNorton, MacNott,MacNought, MacNoughtan, MacNoughton, MacNoyer, MacNuir, MacNut, MacNutt, MacNuyer, MacPortland, MacQuaig, MacQuake, MacQuaker, MacRac, MacRack, MacRacken, MacRackin, MacRagan, MacRaggan, MacReachain, MacReachan, MacRuck, MacRucke, MacVicar, MacVickar, MacVickars, MacVicker, MacVickers, MacVig, MacVige, MacVrine, MacVryne, MacWaughton, MacYole, MacYoll, Manaugh, Mannice, Mannis, Mannise, Nachtan, Nachten, Nactan, Nacten, Naghton, Natton, Naughten, Naughtie, Naughton, Naughty, Nechtan, Nechten, Nectan, Necten, Nevin, Nevins, Nevinson, Niven,  Nivens, Nivenson, Nought,  Nucater, Nucator, Nutt, Porter, Weir.

Clan MacNeil
MacNeilage, MacNeiledge, MacNelly, Neal, Neil, Neill.

Clan MacPherson
Currie, Fersen, Gillespie, Gillies, Gow, Lees, MacCurrach, MacGowan, MacLeish, LacLise, MacMurdo, MacMurdoch, MacMurrich, MacVurrich, Murdoch, Murdoson.

Clan MacQuarrie
MacCorrie, MacCorry, MacGorrie, MacGorry, MacGuaran, MacGuire, Macquaire, Macquhirr, Macquire, MacWhirr, Wharrie.

Clan MacQueen
MacCunn, MacSwan, MacSwen, MacSween, MacSwyde, Swan.

Clan MacRae
Macara, MacCraw, Macra, Macrach, MacRaith, MacRath, Rae.

Clan MacTavish
MacCamish, MacCash, MacCosh, MacLaws, MacLehose, MacTammany, MacTause, Stephenson, Steven(s), Stevenson, Stevenston, Stivan, Taweson, Tawesson, Thom, Thomson, Thompson, Thomas, Thomasin, Thomason, Thomassine. Thomazin, Thomerson, Thomes, Thompson, Thomson, Todd.

Tribe of Mar
Marr, Mair, Mairs, Morren, Strachan, Tough

Clan Mathieson
MacMath, MacPhun, Mathie.

Clan Maxwell
Adair, Blackstock, Dinwiddie, Dinwoddie,  Edgar, Herries, Kirk, Kirkland, Latimer, Latimore, Mackittrick, Maxton, Mescall, Monreith, Moss, Nithdale, Paulk, Peacock, Pollock, Pollok,  Polk, Sturgeon, Wardlaw

Clan Menzies
Dewar, Macindeor, MacMenzies, MacMinn, MacMonies, Means, Mein, Meine, Mennie, Meyners, Minn, Minnus, Monzie.

Clan Munro
Dingwall, Foulis, MacCulloch, MacLulich, Vass, Wass.

Clan Morrison
Brieve, Gilmore, MacBrieve

Clan Murray
MacMurray, Moray, Rattray, Small, Spalding

Clan Ogilvie
Airlie, Gilchrist, MacGilchrist, Milne

Clan Pentland
Pentlend, Paintland, Petland, Penland, Penlend, Petlend, Pendland.

Clan Robertson
Collier, Colyear, Dobinson, Donachie, Duncan, Duncanson, Dunnachie, Inches, MacConachie, MacConnechy, MacDonachie, Macinroy, MacIver, MacIvor, Maclagen, MacRobbie, MacRobie, MacRobert, Reid, Roy, Stark, Tonnochy

Clan Ross
Anderson, Andrew, Dingwall, Gillanders, MacAndrew, MacCulloch, MacLulich, MacTaggart, MacTear, MacTier, MacTire, Taggart, Vass, Wass

Clan Sinclair
Caird, Clouston, Clyne, Linklater, Mason

Clan Skene
Cariston, Dis, Dyce, Hallyard, Norie

Clan Stewart
Boyd, Garrow, Menteith, Monteith, Carmichael, MacMichael. Stewart, Appin: Carmichael, Combich, Livingston, Livingstone, MacCombich, Mackinlay, Maclae, Maclay, Maclea, Macleay, MacMichael. Stewart, Atholl: Crookshanks, Cruickshank, Duilach, Gray, Macglashan Stewart Lennox: Howkins

Clan Sutherland
Cheyne, Federith, Gray, Keith, Mowat, Oliphant, Duffus

Clan Watson
Belboys, Boas, Boece, Boeis, Boes, Boess, Boice, Boiss, Boiste, Boos, Boost, Bos, Bouse, Boust, Bowayse, Bowes, Bowis, Bows, Bowys, Boyce, Boyes, Boyess, Boyis, Boys, Boyse, Boze, Buist, Buste, DeBosco, MacQuat, MacQuattie, MacQuhat, MacQwat, MacRowatt, MacWalter, MacWater, MacWatson, MacWatt, MacWatters, MacWattie, Vatsoun, Vod, Vode, Void, Voud, Voude, Vould, Walter, Walterson, Wasson, Waters, Waterson, Watson, Watsone, Watsoun, Watt, Wattie, Wattson, Wod, Wode, Wodde, Woid, Woide, Wood, Woyd, Wyatt.
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