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A Brief History of Last Names
When we begin our search of our family tree the question always arises as to the origin of your last name, hopefully these little tidbits will help satisfy that curiosity and point you in the right direction.

There are many beliefs about how surnames originated.   The Romans began the practice of using surnames about 300 B.C. with their mighty empire that stretched far and wide throughout. The Vikings distinguised themselves each with patronomic names to be read into the annals of Valhalla. And by the 800's King Charlemagne himself worked to restore the written language starting with family names and genealogy of the nobles and gentry of his day throughout Europe. The exact date the English speaking part of the world began to adopt surnames can't be accurately determined.Your surname history will be revealed in the family history scroll.

The Domesday Book that was compiled by William the Conquerer is a fascinating study of early 11th century life and family tree's, as the Norman influence spread throughout Europe . One interesting tidbit is that the Warren family Coat of Arms recorded in Britain in the 13th century is the ancient arms of the Jarls of Norway from about 400

Family History 

Your Family History Scroll details;
  • Who Your Ancestors were?
  • Where they came from?
  • When your family first appears in the records?
  • Your ancient family territories and estates?
  • The main branch and branches through time?
  • The most ancient family Coat of Arms recorded.
  • Notables from Nobles, to serfs and more?
  • Were they farmers, military, serving faith, millers, merchants,.?
  • What impact did Your Family have on their region and countries?
  • Your map to Your Family Research?
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Discover the colors of your Family Crest
A Look at the Origin of Family Names
  Finding the origin of your family name can be fun and interesting! Our histories researched over the last 30 years, guide you on your way to Family and Family tree discoveries. Many notable historians and genealogists worldwide recommend our histories as a road map for family research.
    So when did last names start? Our Bibliographical References List includes the works of many noted historians. Dr. Marie Therese Morlet - one of Frances most noted historians has traced many family names back to before the year 180 A.D. John O'Hart, historian of Ireland transcribed portions of the "Annals of the Four Masters" an ancient reference that starts the Irish genealogies back to 1600 B.C.
And English historians generally believe last names began after the Conquest in 1066, despite the Bayeaux Tapestry(1086) showing family Coats of Arms. England is a settled country like Canada and the United States, so perhaps this 1066 belief was decided due to lack of source materials at that time.
    Why do we need the history of a family to research our own family history?  Perhaps most importantly to act as a road map to know what part of what country you are tracing back to. Every family has at least 15 equally correct way of spelling the name, and quite often the passenger lists of ships across the Atlantic do not define where the person/family was from, just the port of departure.

If you would like more indepth information about the Origin of Surnames

What shapes make up your Coat of Arms

Misconceptions about Family Names

"During the 1800's and 1900's it was a popular pastime to try and guess the meaning of a last name for newspaper publication. Annually these "guesses" were published in books found today - without disclaimer  or in-depth research to verify the information within." 
Our Family Name Originally came from a Trade Name or Occupation! 
Research shows that less than 5% of Families documented have any relationship to trade i.e.. The Baker's are hereditary key holders to the kings castles. Smiths are the Pictish MacGowans or O'Gows who are very prolific

Our Family Name Originally came from a Place Name or Territory! 

Research shows that 85% of the time the Family's estates or territories were known by the family name. ie. Brandenburg. 

Our Family Name Originally came from a Nick Name! 

Rarely and very unusual - When a name did in fact come from a nick name it is clearly documented (like the Armstrong Saga). 

Our Family Name Originally came from a Status or Badge of Office! 

True and False 
Depends on ancient country of origin, but usually not. Roman centurions descendants in Europe can indicate ancestor status.

Our Family Name Originally came from a Saint, Deity or Religious Title! 

True and False 
Depends on the ancient country of origin, but usually not. Saints had a family name before they were canonized. Descendants of Knights Templar do have some commonality in name and coat of arms. 
More Misconceptions
Questions Our Research Shows
Has your Family name had many different spellings? TRUE-Each family has at least 10 main spellings, some have as many as 100 as they branch and move into regions with other languages. These spellings phonetically sound the same but spelt differently.
Our Family name sounds same, therefore we are the same family? FALSE-Many families may have names sound the same, but research shows that in most cases they totally unique. i.e.. Berry & Barrie or Martin & Martinez
Did our Family name changed without us knowing? FALSE-Some families have changed their name for political or religious reasons. If another name is adopted, we have found that 95% know this and can say their original name even if they cannot spell it.This vital information is always passed on by one or both parents.
Find Your Family Name Origin

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