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About Us -
Since 1972 has been researching the origins and history of certain families. Our first display included pre-printed surname histories of about 144 Scottish families and their Septs. In 1986 we released The Worlds First computerized on-site retrieval system that was able to retrieve over 25,000 surname histories stored on a 20 MB hard disk. These were printed on parchment using a dot matrix printer. Today our retrieval systems have over 1,000,000  surname histories from all over the world. These histories are prepared on Color Printers and include not only the history but a Full Color print of the Ancient Coat of Arms! We also have an extensive array of gift ideas all personlized with your family name and crest. Just visit the product section.

What is the "" What information do the histories include?
Where do you get your information? What are Coat of Arms and when were they established?
I've seen several different Coat of Arms for my name, which one will I receive from your company? Can I preview my Family Name History or Coat of Arms on the website before ordering?
Do you do genealogies of specific family branches? Do you "Grant" Coa of Arms?

People are fascinated to learn something about the history of their family name. They may also find information relating to an authentic coat-of-arms which was actually granted to a namesake, perhaps centuries ago. Though many people think that coats-of arms were granted only to nobility, they can actually be found for more than ninety percent of all names.

The Traceit Research Center can reproduce any coat-of-arms. Our computer generate's these full-color Coats-of Arms based on original artwork created by the heraldic artists. Completely accurate and authentic in every detail, theses beautiful artistic renderings are available at a very reasonable amount. The result is a highly personalized keepsake which you would be proud to display.

Frequently Asked Questions Re:
Q:"What is the ""
A:The concept was founded in 1972. The Heritage Classic emerged after many years of intensive research focussing on the goal of tracing family name roots. Using impeccable historical and genealogical sources, referencing and cross referencing ancient manuscripts and archives, the extensive library of heraldic and historical surnames was created with that same demanding quality and precision. Started as a family business, the has grown to be truly international in scope. Q:What information do the histories include?
A:Each history is approxiately 1700 words long. The history begins with the earliest record of the family name and then follows the family as it branched through the Old Country and subsequently through the New World. The history lists the names of the earliest settlers as they migrated to North America, middle age and modern notables of the family name; variations in spelling, as well as, the family's most ancient Coat of Arms in full colour.

Q:Where do you get your information?
A:After twenty five years we have managed to aquire a relatively large collection of Historical reference materials. We have a Bibliographyavailable on this site which you may view at your leisure.

Q:I've seen several different Coat of Arms for my name, which one will I receive from your company?
A:You will receive the most ancient Coat of Arms. Over time, as the family name migrated and dispersed, new Coat of Arms were developed, however, they all stem from the most ancient Coat of Arms, the original one.

Q:What are Coat of Arms and when were they established?
A:In brief, a Family Coat of Arms was a symbol or icon designed to represent a particular family name and its members. Its most common usage was to identify a friend or foe during battle. Each artist, in a long line of artists, may individually depict each "device" on the Arms slightly differently, but still having to conform to a structured art system for accuracy. A lion rampant may have a slightly longer or shorter nose for example, but its placement, stance and color must conform to set rules. Some historians agree that the earliest Coat of Arms were adopted by the Normans in the year 1066 AD, while other noted historians argue that some Family Coat of Arms date back to ancient Roman times.

Q: Can I preview my Family Name History or Coat of Arms on the website before ordering?
A:Yes, it is possible to preview some of the information directly relating to your  Family Name History or Coat of Arms before placing an order on-line. However if your surname needs to be researched it will not be available for a  preview. But will be added to the database at a later date.

Q: Do you do genealogies of specific family branches?
A: We do not do genealogies of specific family branches. Our histories begin at the first recorded instance of a surname, then follow the surname and all its variations and branches through to the present day.

Q:Do you "Grant" Coa of Arms?
A:We do not "Grant" Coats of arms. All our coats of arms are associated with an individual who once bore the surname; generally the oldest known for the name.

Since 1972, research by professional historians has produced a unique computer database of dynamic human intrest.  We currently have almost 1 million names on file. Analysis of many millions of pieces of historical information taken from ancient manuscripts and rare books (all carefully selected for their reliability and authencity)  has now produced accurate and authentic surname histories. These histories have now become a  recognized world-wide authority in their own right. So much so, that in Britain, a source of so many surnames, the histories are displayed in the Barbican Centre, Royal Britain, the official museum of the history of the royal family.
Our market has included some high profile personalities, including Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Supreme Court Judges, and professionals from all walks of life, lawyers, doctors, professors, entertainers, authors,and so on.  Sales enviroment, provides us with face to face client feedback.Our rejection rate of delivered product is less than .01%. The result is the most consisted, comprehensive study of surname histories in the world. Such information by individual researchers would take years to compile from reference libraries and archives, and most likely be very incomplete, and possibly inaccurate.
Should you not be completely 100% satisfied with any of your heraldic items purchased from us, we will refund you the whole price of the product (not including specified shipping & handling costs). Just return the item(s) and be sure to include; purchaser's full name, address, and telephone number, so as we can find your account information quickly.

Our Privacy Statement
We do not sell, trade or give away any customer information. We take steps to ensure the security of information gathered from our customers. We collect visitors' contact information (email, telephone, address) in order to ship completed orders to customers. This site offers opt-in mailings of newsletters, specials etc. Any mailings sent to the recipients of this list will include an opportunity for the recipient to be removed from the list.

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