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Your Coat of Arms is something you can show with Pride:
People are fascinated to learn something about the history of their family name. Though many people think that coats-of arms were granted only to nobility, they can actually be found for more than ninety percent of all names.
Brief Origin of the Coat of Arms
The word “Heraldry” is derived from the German “heer” -- a host, an army -- and “held” -- a champion. The term “blason,” by which the science of heraldry is denoted in French, English,Italian, and German, is probably derived from the German word “blazen” -- to blow the horn.

This knowledge of the various devices and symbols was called Heraldry, and as the announcement was accompanied with the sound of a trumpet, it was termed “blazoning the arms.”

The earliest coats of arms were fairly simple -- bars or wavy lines, a lion rampant or an eagle displayed, or an arrangement of fleurs-de-lis. The designs became more complex as the years passed, and the practice of quartering (incorporating the arms of other families acquired through marriages) developed.

Family History 

Your Family History Scroll details;
  • Who Your Ancestors were?
  • Where they came from?
  • When your family first appears in the records?
  • Your ancient family territories and estates?
  • The main branch and branches through time?
  • The most ancient family Coat of Arms recorded.
  • Notables from Nobles, to serfs and more?
  • Were they farmers, military, serving faith, millers, merchants,.?
  • What impact did Your Family have on their region and countries?
  • Your map to Your Family Research?
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The Colors of Heraldry Shapes and Styles of Shields:
Purpure (purple) 
Justice, Sovereignty, Regal
Chief (a bar across the top of the shield)
Dominion, authority, wisdom, achievement in battle
Sanguine (maroon) 
Victorious , Patient in Battle
Pale (a center column on the shield - top to bottom)
Military strength, fortitude 
Tawny (orange) 
Worthwhile Ambition
Bend (a column from a top corner to opposite bottom corner) 
Representative of a Knights scarf - signifies Defense
Gules (red) 
Warrior , Martyr , Military Strength
Fess (a center column - left to right) 
Signifies the Military Belt - represents Honor 
Azure (blue) 
Strength , Loyalty
Cross (self explanatory, top to bottom, left to right)
Christian, one who had served in the Crusades 
Sable (black) 
Constancy , Grief
Chevron (a column shaped like ^ ) 
Signifies Protection, faithful service
Vert (green) 
Hope , Loyalty in Love
Pile (A "V" shape on the front )
Represents wood used in bridge building
METALS: Saltire (an x shaped cross going corner to corner)
St. Andrew's cross, signifying Resolution
Or (gold):
Noble, the Sun.
Originally only princes could wear it.
Bordure (a border around the shield) 
Represents Honor, as used to differentiate between family members
Argent (silver): 
Sincerity,  Peace, the Moon
Canton (a small square located in the upper corner)
Representative of a flag 'added' to the arms

There are literally hundreds of different symbols that can appear on coats of arms.  The colors that are chosen and even the shape of the shield itself can be of significance to the family.  The use of animals and images on the shields meant different things at different times to different people. The colors that were used however were more constant as were the shapes on the shields. To find more information about coat of arms visit The Coat of Arms Shop. For more imformation on Heraldry.

What shapes make up your Coat of Arms

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